Case Studies

Fulton County Health Center

Ohio health center securely shares protected health information with ShareBase.

Texas Association of School Boards

ShareBase enables seamless and secure document transfer for statewide organization

Naviant’s HR uses ShareBase to securely communicate with new hires

Using ShareBase, Naviant has addressed a crucial step in their hiring and onboarding process. Other departments have followed suit, and now sales, technical, back office and marketing teams are all experiencing the benefits of a secure sharing and collaboration platform, based in the cloud.

Colonial Savings eliminates external sharing challenges, supports compliance with ShareBase

Leading mortgage lender and service provider CU Members Mortgage, a division of Colonial Savings, F.A., tackled change head-on after new compliance standards required the bank’s more than 500 credit union clients to complete their own Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting–involving an exchange of loan documents between the parties.

IT company eliminates audit-induced headaches with security-focused collaboration

ShareBase streamlined processes for both Hyland and its auditing firm: Hyland easily incorporated the naming convention used by the auditors, providing instant recognition of the foldering structure to ensure ease-of-use by all parties.

Law firm distributes documents worldwide with ShareBase

With ShareBase, everything from the notice to any/all documentation provided with the notice, along with documents provided by the client in response to the notice, can be stored in a singular, secure location in the Hyland Cloud.

County court provides instant access to collaborating agencies, reducing time and costs

With ShareBase, Hill County provides timely access to critical documents from outside of the courthouse.

Omeda achieves productivity gains

Omeda achieves massive productivity gains with content services in the hybrid cloud, using ShareBase by Hyland.